Airwest Helicopters is Arizona’s premier Utility Helicopter Company. With tens of thousands of hours of experience with Utility work, you could say precision and safety have become second nature to their daily operations. Airwest has provided years of service to national agencies such as USFS (United States forest service), BLM (Bureau of Land Management), BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs), IHS (Indian Health Services), APS (AZ electric co.), CAP (Central Arizona Project), Northrop Grumman, and many others.

Their pilots are experienced, professional, and perform precision long-line missions routinely. With over 20,000 hours of long line flight time logged as a company and 65,000 hours combined pilot experience spanning a length of time over the last 35+ years. Bottom line, Airwest is the most widely used and experienced helicopter operator in Arizona.

In addition, Airwest Helicopters is a dedicated fire attack service. They are called upon routinely to assist with controlled burns and natural fires that occur. They can assist with any mission; carrying supplies, crews, heavy equipment to remote locations, inspecting electrical lines, or lifting heavy objects at a construction site. Aerial crane (long-line) operations are fast, inexpensive and easy to set up even in dense city areas.

Please contact Airwest for rates, availability, or additional information regarding utility services.