Helicopter air support units provide law enforcement with information from a vantage point that is unparalleled. With equipment like the FLIR camera, ground units can be assisted by aircraft at night. Using an infrared sensor helps keep track of targets even when they think they’re hiding.

If your department does not have a dedicated air support unit, Airwest can help you start one. Airwest’s staff is familiar with police operations and can train your officers to fly while performing each mission. This method is a useful way to begin a program with no previous experience and without the additional cost normally associated from starting a ground-up air support program. Airwest’s pilots/instructors will take care of all the aviation needs while an officer resumes his duties. As the two work together the pilot/instructor will teach the officer how to fly and impart the knowledge needed to safely navigate the skies.

For the past several years, Airwest has served local cities during their “Mega Events” providing a very low cost alternative to dedicated air support. Airwest’s helicopters can be used by any agency on a part-time or full-time basis.  Optional equipment includes: FLIR camera system, SX-5 searchlight, PA loud speaker, and a microwave downlink system.

Some agencies may already have officers who already have their pilot’s licenses. In these cases Airwest allows your pilots to fly with another officer as the observer, using Airwest aircraft.

Please contact Airwest for more information and pricing.