Airwest Helicopters is Arizona’s first choice for aerial photography or motion picture missions. With thousands of hours of aerial photography and motion picture experience and tens of thousands of hours of total flight time, Airwest’s pilots bring experience and professionalism to the job. Their service quality, efficiency, and experience will far surpass any other operator in the Phoenix area. Other operators, such as flight schools, use low-time pilots who have little or no aerial photo or cinematic experience and are “learning on the job.” This causes delays and wastes time, equaling more expense to you the customer. As a result, their ability to efficiently execute an aerial photo or film flight is greatly reduced due to their lack of experience.

In addition to professionalism, Airwest offers excellent value.  Most aerial photographers and motion pictures work off of tight budgets with respect to aerial platforms. For small budgets, Airwest’s Enstroms are great for handheld cameras that need to get close to the action and maneuver within tight spaces and areas. For those blessed with larger budgets, Airwest can provide SAG-rated pilots and aircraft such as the UH-1H SuperHuey to appear in a scene. Camera mounts are also available for use. Airwest’s Jetranger and Longrangers can handle a variety of mounts such as nose, side, or rear. Whatever the size and scope of the budget, Airwest can do it. Their staff is professional and will ensure that safety is the priority on your set. Contact Airwest for pricing and availability.