Airwest can assist you with all of your travel needs, whether they include helicopters or other modes of transportation. Whether it’s a trip to the Grand Canyon or a scenic flight in a Helicopter, Airwest has you covered. Helicopters are a great way to showcase real estate to potential investors or view areas that are spread out while avoiding the hassles of traffic. As a Part 135 charter operator, Airwest Helicopters is certified by the FAA to conduct point to point operations. Whether it’s for business, sporting events, vacation destinations, real-estate, sight-seeing, or any other charter request you may have. Let Airwest take the hassle out of travel and turn it into time spent productively. Airwest takes care of all flight logistics and any off airport landing permission requirements so there is no extra hassle for you.

Airwest provides a variety of aircraft that are available for charter

Helicpoter Charter Services: Make a grand entrance when arriving in a helicopter! They are a great way to get the “bird’s eye view” of property, save time traveling, or viewing beautiful landscape in Arizona. This unique aerial advantage can be a powerful business or personal experience, one that will not be soon forgotten.

Bell Longranger = 6 passenger helicopter that cruises at 125 mph, air conditioning available on some models. This helicopter is powered by a Jet Turbine engine that provides the highest standards of safety, reliability, and capability. This helicopter is widely used with agencies such as the BLM and USFS because of its ample payload, durability, safety record, and capability.

Bell Jetranger = One of the most widely used helicopters in the industry. This versatile machine carries up to 4 passengers at speeds up to 120 mph. A more economical solution without sacrificing capability and performance, it has a service range of up to 330 miles nonstop and is considered the workhorse of the industry.

A Charter is easy to set up, makes life more efficient and enjoyable, and provides a smooth and safe environment for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to schedule a charter flight or would like more information please contact Airwest.